Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year Begins!

So another year has begun and as it’s to be expected people have started making (or have already made) resolutions (which I find often tend to be grandiose and unrealistic) for the year. Though I find this practice ultimately vain, it still does serve some useful purpose in that, at least, one is reminded of what once used to be top priority at a certain earlier time of the year which has somehow fizzled into oblivion(Oh the cares of life!). Reading through these resolutions (i.e. if they were written down) can often spur one into action in attempt to achieve these important(once upon a time) dreams which have been shelved and have collected dust and cobwebs. 

I have however come to adopt a maxim that I find deceptively simple yet profound in its application. This maxim goes something like this: Make sure you’re better off tomorrow than you are today.  For me, everyday marks a new beginning (and not just every 1st January or the 1st day of every new moth) which offers one the opportunity for progress and so I often remind myself of this maxim with such questions as “How have I improved my life today?” or “What new thing have i learned today” in the hope of placing what I deem my life’s priorities into perspective.

So this year, I intend to risk more, read more, dream more, do more, love more and then as a result hopefully end up being more!( Read this post by John Piper for your encouragement)

I wish all a good year! Cheers!!

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