Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Black Tuesday

Prof. J. E. A. Mills
This post is sudden as this was necessitated by an equally sudden incident. Ghanaians and the whole world was sent into a sudden jolt by the news of the demise of the president of the Ghana. President John  Evans Atta Mills(aka Uncle Atta as he was affectionately known) passed away. He was said to have fallen unconscious after he suffered a sudden bout of an unnamed ailment. Details as at now still remain terse and are emerging rather sparingly.

Though this is a sad incident by all standards,  i will for now attempt to highlight one good i perceive this incident has brought to our dear nation. This good is the sense of togetherness that is currently pervading throughout the country upon the news of the President's demise. It is clear that no one(regardless of political coloration) wishes death upon their enemy. So far, all political parties( to my knowledge) have suspended all campaigning activities. It is good to know that for now, the sense of division that seemed to be brewing in the heat up to electioneering activities has melted away.

At the risk of wounding sensitive emotions, i will daresay this may well be one of the biggest feats of our late president.

Rest In Peace dear Uncle Atta. You'll forever remain in our hearts as a peace loving man who had the well fare of his people at heart.

Damiri fa Due

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