Friday, July 1, 2011

Music for the soul! Music I love!

"Don't be easily influenced. Seek out your own interests and discriminate less!" This has been my mantra for years and it continues to guide my musical choices. However, it is very hard to find music that is intrinsically creative and rhythmically pleasing in an age where we are constantly being told what to like and not like (what you have to listen to) by radio stations. Now, to break away from the fray and give yourself something that might get you thinking and potentially tapping your feet, I have assembled a few beats that rank high in my music collection. These music videos are made available via YouTube and SoundCloud. Enjoy!

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: The Golden Age

Animal Collective: Leaf House

M3nsa: See Where we Dey!
M3NSA See Where We Dey! by M3NSA

M.anifest: Suffer

Fleet Foxes: White Winter Hymnal

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