Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Afterlife: Reliving your life in chunks

For some time now, I have been wondering about the way I would want to live my afterlife (and I am hoping there is life after death). I want to believe that there is one and that what ever I do here on earth will count when I am judged by the adjudicator, whomever he or she is.

Luckily, I came into contact with David Eagleman's book "Sum". And I must say that although I have not read the entire book and that his premise about Afterlife is still not clear to me, the book has made an imprint on my view of life after death.

Imaging experiencing life in the afterlife as chunks per the number of hours or days spent doing these things while alive. For example, if you spent a total of 100 hours complaining about how no one ever comments on your Facebook status in your life time, then when you die you will complain about Facebook for 100 hours straight.It actually becomes worse if you spend a total of a four months in a trotro queue during your lifetime...then it appears that you will spend a month in a line to board a trotro during the afterlife...but this time you will four months standing in a line to board a trotro.

I guess I must live a quality life if I wish to enjoy my afterlife.

Here is an except of David's book as it appeared on Radionlab:


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